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Games featuring Ancient World Themes

Ancient Roman Board Games

This web page has instructions for playing games that were popular in ancient times, such as Latrunculi.

Ancient Roman Ball Games

Caesar III

A PC strategy game in which you develop your own empire and build cities similar to the one shown below.

(Of course, you have to beat off those pesky barbarians, too.)

Journey to Pompeii:

The graphics are beautifully detailed, and provide realistic reconstructions of homes, temples, and other public buildings in Pompeii. If you aren't a fan of problem solving games, there is a walk-through mode that allows you to explore the environment.

The Sims (Roman Sims)

At this site you can download houses, furniture, and other things you need to make a Roman style household for your "Sims".

Recreated Ancient Roman Music


This CD is a re-creation of Roman music (using mostly wind instruments). If you saw Gladiator, you'll recognize some of these selections.