Pompeii Gateway:

Companion web site for the novel A. D. 62: Pompeii

Visit the web pages below to see illustrations from ancient works of art that inspired the descriptions of people and places in the novel. Other sites include an interactive map of Pompeii, travel information, and information about replicas of ancient artifacts.

A.D. 62: Pompeii, a novel set in Pompeii

Ancient Art described in the novel: Murals and Mosaics

Archaeological Digs

Archaeology Magazine: Explore the human past with the premiere publication devoted to worldwide archaeological discovery. Exclusive online articles and links to related sites.

Artifacts and Objects described in the novel

Breakfast with Pandora: A trained expert delivers essays and information, and answers your questions on Greek mythology, religion, and the ancient world in general.

Buildings and Street Scenes described in the novel

Characters in the Novel -- Family, Slaves

Courtyards and Interiors

Fiction set in Ancient Rome

Floor Plan of Villa of the Labyrinth, the setting for the story

Games and Music

Interactive Map of Pompeii

Mega Sites on Ancient History

MIRALab's on line brief re-creations of daily life in Pompeii

Photographs of a Clay Model of the Roman Forum

On Line Ancient World Communities

Pre-Raphaelite Art with Classical Themes

References about ancient Rome (history, archaeology, etc.)

Where to find Reproductions of Ancient Artifacts (such as jewelry and clothing)

A Tour of Pompeii (with the Cole Family), including photos, video, and narrative.

Travel Information for Visitors to Pompeii

Where to Buy the book: A. D. 62: Pompeii