Murals found in or near Pompeii

Fragment of garden mural from House of the Golden Cupids in Pompeii: nightingale with roses

In A.D. 62: Pompeii, Miranda is inspired by this painting to tell the story of "The Nightingale" by Hans Christian Andersen; she sees her own situation as similar to that of the captive bird.

This mural is in the Museo Nazionale Archeologico Napoli, along with many other treasures from Pompeii.

Architectural motifs and garden images (villa of P. Fannius Sinister at Boscoreale)

This is now in the lobby of the Metropolitan Museum of New York.

Mural from "The House of Venus on the Shell" in Pompeii

This is one of rather few murals that is still in its original location in a house in Pompeii. Unfortunately, its exposure to weather and pollution is causing rapid deterioration. Photographs in older books show much better detail than more recent images.

Household Lares from the House of the Vettius Brothers in Pompeii