Shopping for Reproductions of Roman Artifacts

I have not done business with many of these vendors, so I'm not in a position to recommend them or to vouch for the accuracy of the descriptions of their merchandise! I list these merely to illustrate the variety of ancient Roman themed merchandise available from on line merchants.

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(If you let me know about bad experiences with any vendors or broken links, I'll remove them.)


Steven Saylor's web site has an excellent selection of nonfiction and fiction for fans of ancient Rome:

For out of print or difficult to find titles, or just to compare prices try (They came up with listings for titles I couldn't find anywhere else!)


For cat fanciers, an Egyptian themed tee shirt :

Latin tee shirts at: (Look under "International", then "Latin")


By-the-Sword, sellers of armor, swords, camp equipment, and clothing such as the stola shown below.

For Roman and other period re-enactment clothing, see

Greek/Roman sandals:

Legio XXIV links for additional suppliers of armor and other military equipment

Ancient Roman costume links at The Costumer's Manifesto


Reproductions of Roman Glass and Pottery

Historical Glassworks

Samian ware and other ancient pottery

Reproductions of Roman glass such as the exquisite engraved glass bowl shown below are available from


Ancient Empires gift shop: Reproductions of sculpture and pottery, books, videos, weapons for various past civilizations.

Made in Museum: reproductions and modern reinterpretations of Pompeiian jewelry

Jill Vaccarra: jewelry designs that incorporate Roman artifacts or use ancient designs.

Shell and Beads, reproductions of Romano/British earrings

Photographic images

The Corbis web site has an enormous library of photographic images -- including many scenes from Rome, Pompeii, Ostia, and other archaeological sites; you can buy jpeg files or prints, and in some cases, license for use of images.

Another site with a large, well indexed library of photographic images:

Reproductions of Murals, Sculpture and other Artifacts

The Metropolitan Museum of Art (NYC) has wonderful reproductions of frescoes (as wall panels or posters), also quite nice reproductions of sculpture, at: They sell reproductions of ancient Rome coins and board games, as well. Search on the key word "Boscoreale" to see art from the villa of P. Fannius Sinister, as shown below:

The Boston Museum of Fine Arts also has an online gift shop - at this time, not much in the way of ancient artifacts.

Pre-Raphaelite art (including many scenes from antiquity) at

Posters of ancient art from many periods are sold by: (enter "ancient art" as a search keyword)

For sculpture and other objects show below, see

Other sites with reproductions of artifacts from many periods include:

Museum Store Company

On Line Relics Ltd. (in England)

Talaria Enterprises.

Roman Empire Gift Shop

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